Our 75th Anniversary 2nd December 1937 -2012

Current members of Inner Wheel Club of Yeovil at the Tithe Barn Haselbury Mill

National President, Sheila Halliday-Pegg hands the 75th Charter Anniversary Certificate to Yeovil President

Marian Murray

District 20 Chairman Lyn Harrison, Yeovil President Marian Murray and National President Sheila Halliday-Pegg

Kath Buckley the oldest member and Marian Murray cutting the cake

From left to right, committee members Jill Stevens and Hannah Crinks, Guest Speakers Charlotte Bingham and Terence Brady, President Marian Murray, National President Sheila Halliday-Pegg, District Chairman, Lyn Harrison and Yvonne Cowling committee member.

On Sunday, 2nd December2012, Yeovil Inner Wheel Club celebrated the 75th Anniversary of receiving their Charter No. 130 in 1937.

The first meetings were held at the Cadena Café and their first New Year party was celebrated at The Manor Hotel which cost 2/- (10p) each, including entertainment.   A meeting of the club in May 1938 saw members exchanging hints of all descriptions from “How to be your own sweep” to “The best way of managing Husbands”!

One hundred and twenty nine members and guests enjoyed a lunch at the Tithe Barn at Haselbury Mill to commemorate the event.  The President, Marian Murray, received a 75th Charter Anniversary Certificate from the National Association President of Inner Wheel, Sheila Halliday-Pegg, other guests included  District 20 Chairman, Lyn Harrison, the celebrity speakers, the Hon. Charlotte Bingham and Terence Brady , the Yeovil Rotary Club President, Mike Nethaway and also Inner Wheel members from many other clubs in the District, representatives from Tangent, the Soroptimists  and  various Rotary clubs.

The Yeovil Rotary Club President presented us with our beautifully refurbished lectern and a specially engraved candle holder was presented by the President of the Inner Wheel Club of Crewkerne, Yeovil’s daughter club.   After the celebratory cake was cut by Yeovil President Marian Murray and the oldest Yeovil member, Kath Buckley, President Marian introduced the guest speakers, Charlotte Bingham and Terence Brady.  They gave a very interesting and amusing talk about their lives together as husband and wife and collaborative authors of many TV series such as Upstairs Downstairs, Nanny and Forever Green.   This was a wonderful way to end a very enjoyable celebration.

Fragments from the Past

Yeovil Inner Wheel Club was founded in 1937 and had its inaugural meeting in December at the Cadena Cafe. 

The subscription for the remaining half year was agreed at 4 shillings!(20p)

Tea Meetings at the Cadena Cafe continued for a further 31 years.

A New Year's Party in January 1939 was held at the Manor Hotel, cost per head including entertainment was

2 shillings! (10p)

A meeting in October 1940 was interrupted by air raid sirens, the night Yeovil experienced its first enemy attack.