International Services

Report from Margaret our ISO

In April 2017 we held a coffee morning to raise funds for the Neem Tree Trust, a charity that provides support to a differently abled boys' home in Tirunelveli, India.  The charity was set up by Kathy Miller who was able to attend and we were more than pleased to receive grateful thanks for the significant sum which was raised that morning.  Imagine my surprise and delight when a letter of thanks arrived in the post from India.  It was full of news about the home along with 2 photos of the boys enjoying a Sports Day.  You will be able to read the letter at the next Club meeting but in the meantime here is an extract.   

"All the boys at our home are doing very well.  We have 49 boys staying at out home at the moment.  Two boys are in their second year at St John's College in Palayamkottai, studying History and Zoology.  Fourteen boys are studying 10th-12th Standard, 21 boys studying 6th-9th Standard and 7 boys studying 1st- 5th Standard.  We also have 5 boys studying at the Bishop Sargeant School for special needs children.

Mrs Kathy arrived at out home on the 7th January and on the 14th January we had a Grand Sports Day for our boys.  All the boys participated in various races and we also held Kabbaddi and cricket matches.  All the boys at our home are from very poor family backgrounds and it heartening to see the benefit they derive from the support of the Neem Tree Trust.

On the 21st January we remembered Mrs Kathy's husband, Father Ken, on his birthday and held an Old Boys' Reunion programme on that day.  This is a very important event for us, when we welcome back boys who have lived at the home and are now working and making their way in the world.  They all gave inspirational speeches to our boys and explained how they are managing in their life and they encouraged our children to work and study hard in order that they too will have a bright future.   

Once again, we are so grateful for the support you have given us through the Neem Tree Trust.  Your interest in our children's welfare encourages myself, the staff, workers and our Board Members to work tirelessly to carry on the work of Dr Karuna Chelliah and to do our best for our boys."   

The letter is signed by Mrs Princess Karuna Chelliah, Secretary

15th October 2015 - Packing Water Survival Boxes

Four Yeovil members helped to pack 55 Water Survival boxes at the warehouse in Midsummer Norton.  The boxes contain a clever gadget which can purify water for several months.  They also contain about 20 other essential items to help people to survive man made or natural disasters.

The Rotary Club of Chelwood Bridge made us very welcome and we were even allowed a break when they provided us with coffee and biscuits.  After all our hard work we eventually found our way across the road to the Centurian Hotel for a very good lunch.